Damien’s journey

5 years and 55,000 miles of challenges to Oceans
Fac Televisions, Equator Publications, 2003
96 minutes

Summary DVD
May 25, 1969, La Rochelle, Just 20 years old, Gerard and Jerome Poncet Janichon begin a world tour that will last 5 years. To accompany them throughout the 55,000 miles of sailing, « Damien », a boat of 10 meters and dreams of new horizons. Fully recovered and with sound, the film directed by two friends takes us back to this very special atmosphere of the 70s where a whole population aspired to follow the footsteps of men like Bernard Moitessier who knew intimately linking sailing adventure writing and a vision of the world that remains current today and surprisingly contemporary. « The journey of Damien » is exemplary in this respect.

• Travel Damien (60′ approx)
• 30 years later (12′ approx)
• Always on the road (6′ and 5′ approx)
• Damien, the boat (about 8′)
• Antarctica Colors (6 approximately).


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