A boat trip and a perfect life: Damien is the story of two school friends who dreamed of accomplishment. At seventeen, we decided to take action by making a long round the world sailing combining difficulties and discoveries from the North Pole to the South Pole through Amazon. At the time, the project is original and unpublished route. Five years of preparation and five years around the world to live, to discover the world and fulfill his life in a landmark epic (1969 – 1973).





« We wrote Damien with a star on the i. Damien did not belong to this world, it was down to the sea to provide our youth star, life, discovery and wonder. Someday the star is naturally came to rest on i though we may consider them. it was installed and we did not know to write the name of our boat without drawing the star. it was our beam .. « 

(Travel nonstop Ed Glénat, 1998)